- Meet Zacc -

The first intelligent expense tracker

Give Zacc your PDF documents (invoices, bills, receipts...) and it will automatically create the related expenses for you. Then track, search, categorize expenses and incomes. Create charts & reports...

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1. Drop your documents

Give your PDF documents to Zacc and let its IA engine do the job. It uses zones that you defined once.

2. Expenses are automatically created

Zacc is smart and creates expenses/incomes based on your documents. You can also create them manually.

3. Enjoy the spared time

Job done.
Now consult your history, create graphs, reports, ...

Measure your success

Zacc is ideal for freelancers, small businesses or even individuals. Having your cash-flow details at your fingertips is essential for a good management.

Track your expenses

Follow your expenses and incomes through time. Search, sort, filter and find instantly what you need. Create beautiful charts.

Export to accounting

Export operations and documents as needed. For example, to your accountant for periodic declarations.

Efficient management

With the history of your expenses automatically at your disposal, your management will shine.

Zacc makes you surprised

Zacc is smart, Zacc is helpful, Zacc is fun.

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