Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know about Zacc

Zacc is so cool, but how does it work?

Zacc is intelligent and can retrieve information from zones in your PDF files. Tell Zacc once - for each type of PDF - where to find the information and enjoy. It is very smart and flexible.

Can I create new expenses/incomes without document?

Of course, a PDF document is not mandatory to create an operation in Zacc.

Can I import data in Zacc?

Yes you can import operations from a CSV file.

Does Zacc collects any data?

No, Zacc is 100% local! Absolutely no data leaves your computer.

Does Zacc work with all PDF files?

Yes under the condition that the PDF file has been generated electronically or, for scanned documents, has been through an OCR software (to recognise the characters).
Nowadays, documents are increasingly electronics, which is the best food for Zacc.

Is there a mobile version of Zacc?

We are working on it. We want to make it right.

Where can I find the documentation / user-manual of Zacc?

Here is the link to Zacc’s documentation / user manual.

Is Zac free?

Yes, Zacc is free and fully usable as such.
However, there are certain limitations that can be removed by purchasing the premium version. The premium version is optional and won't prevent you to use Zacc.

What about future updates?

Updates are free for everyone. We continuously bring improvements and new functionalities to Zacc.

What if I have an issue with Zacc?

We are not perfect but we certainly do our best. Should an issue occur to you, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

On what platforms is it available?

Zacc is currently available on macOS. We are currently working on an iOS version for you to track your expenses on your iPhone or iPad.

Why did you create Zacc?

Because we needed it for our small company. Since we use every app we create, we are very close from our users perspective, and we think this is the best way to offer a great experience.

Which currencies are supported?

Zacc automatically adapts to your local currency ($, €, £, ...)

Does Zacc supports dark mode?

Yes, Zacc will nicely adapt to the macOS dark mode.