Welcome to Zacc documentation

Getting started

This documentation will help you leveraging all the power of Zacc.

In a nutshell

Here is a very, very short explanation of Zacc:

  • Navigate in the left menu and select a view (Expenses view, Models View, Categories View, Report View)
  • Expenses view
    • Create expenses manually or automatically from documents
    • Import operations from a CSV file
    • Export documents, …
  • Models view
    • Configure models for automatic expense creation to work
    • For each model, configure the zones where Zacc should extract value. Configure a Trusted Neighbour for an extraordinary accurate result.
    • Configure extra options (date format, category, …) when necessary
    • Add custom fields (meaning extra columns in expenses view) according to your needs
  • Categories view
    • Define categories names & colors
  • Reports views
    • Expenses / Incomes by category: Pie Chart
    • Expenses & Incomes by period of time: Bar Chart
    • Available cash over-time: Line Chart

Check out the full documentation via the menu on the left of this page.

Documents management

Zacc is a document-based application. One window displays the content of a document.

You can create multiple documents if required (example: one document for your business and one document for your personal accounting).

Creating / Saving / Opening documents

As for all document-based applications on macOS, you manage the documents via the top-menu > File menu.

Zacc File Menu