Zacc's documentation


Learn how to configure categories, by giving it a name and a color

Creating a category

  • Go to the Categories View in the left menu
  • Click on the “+” button at the bottom of the view
  • Enter a name for the category
  • Configure a color by clicking on the rectangle at the right of the name
  • Select a color in the panel that opened
  • Close the color panel

Renaming a Category

  • Go to the Categories View in the left menu
  • Select the category to rename
  • Click on its current name to change it
  • Enter the new name

Changing a Category’s color

Note that if you change a category’s color, the color change will obviously be reflected on all expenses.

  • Go to the Categories view
  • Click on the Color rectangle of the category to change
  • Select the color on the color panel that opens
  • Close the color panel